Tu Quoque: Examples

Article on Whataboutism (i.e., the abundance of tu quoques in politics and how it merely avoids addressing the topic of discussion).



2. Headline:

Sanders: America ‘Worships Wealth Rather Than Caring For The Poor.’ Dude, You Own Three Houses. (Article)

3. Headline regarding allegations that Russia helped Trump during the elections:

FLASHBACK: Networks Didn’t Give a Damn When Red China Helped Clinton Win in ’96. (Article)




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Many libertarian and liberal sites were posting this 2013 tweet by Trump. In 2013 Obama sought congressional approval for military force against Assad after he had engaged in chemical warfare. In the end, Obama did not use (direct) military force but rather negotiated an agreement via Russia to remove Syria’s chemical weapons. In early April 2017, the Assad regime used chemical agents against its own civilians again. Trump almost immediately launched missile attacks on Syrian air power.
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