Debunking False and Misleading News: Classroom Activity

Below are links to articles and contested issues that have been reported  in the media. Form groups of 3-5 and, following the list of guidelines and websites from the lesson, discover the TRUTH!!!!111!!1!!  Some issues are stated in a way that’s intentionally vague. See if you can dig into the details and find out what we should reasonably believe.

Instructors, here are more stories you can use for the activity.

1. Trump buy one way tickets to Africa

2. Eating Chocolate Helps Lose Weight

Study: (Links to an external site.)

3. Did Trump bring his own cheering section? (Links to an external site.)

4. Did Trump sign an Executive Order to Ban Muslims from the US?

5. Did Obama ban Iraqis from the US?

6. Was the shooter at the mosque in Quebec, Canada a Muslim? (Links to an external site.)

7. GMO rat study: (Links to an external site.)

8. Does Vitamin C cure the common cold?

9. Did the CIA assasinate Marilyn Monroe? (Links to an external site.)

10. Does organic use pesticides?







14. Does baking soda cure cancer?