Resources and Articles about Fake News

1. Fake News Among Liberals:

2. Journalists’s Guide to Fact Checking the News:

3. An Excellent Resource and Blog for Fact Checking (by journalists):

4. The Comprehensive Guide for Fact-Checking:

5. Relativism, Fact, and Opinion in Politics:

6. Unlike many fake news purveyors, McDaniel didn’t want to sway conversations or make money through ad revenue. Curious about how easily people could be fooled, he cooked up a post he thought would normally sound too crazy for anyone to believe, just to see if it caught on […] was launched Feb. 21. In less than two weeks, more than 1 million people had viewed stories on the site and spread them across social media platforms. Politifact

7. Where the new study gets interesting is in what happened with a third group. The researchers presented its members with both the 97 percent consensus, and the misinformation about the 31,000 dissenting scientists. This group showed no change in its acceptance of climate change science. The two conflicting pieces of information—fact plus alternative fact—cancelled each other out. Not knowing which information to believe, people chose to believe neither.

There was one final twist in the experiment. The researchers tested an additional climate message on a fourth group… How to Counter Alternative Facts